myths about hospice care

Common Misconceptions About Hospice

 The decision to begin hospice care for your loved one is never an easy path. It means the patient has received a terminal diagnosis, and with that realization come many significant challenges, fears, myths and questions.

  • Will hospice care be able to help my family member cope?
  • Can it really manage his or her pain effectively?
  • Will it help him or her stay comfortable?
  • Will it be a positive experience for our family?

The welcome news is, we are a Missouri hospice care provider truly committed to guiding each patient and family through end-of-life care in a compassionate and uplifting manner. Breeze Hospice of Missouri is care provider, helping hand, and a comforting presence for those facing terminal illness. Our team focuses on the patient and family as a unit, emphasizing physical, mental and spiritual care as a means toward easing each individual’s transition.

Patients may be referred to hospice by a doctor, nursing home, or other care provider; but they also can contact a hospice provider directly to begin discussions about appropriate care for the individual. If you have questions about Breeze Hospice’s services and how we can benefit your loved one and family, please contact us.

Review the diagram below for the common myths and facts about hospice care.

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